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BLAME IT ON THE A.D.D. You can find many, many more detailed, well-thought out and balanced articles online than what this article will be. My focus (or lack of focus… ba dump-bump… RIMSHOT,) is going to be more personal. This article is about how ADD affects ME, especially when it comes to Learning and Creativity. …

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A Little Off the Top, Part 1

There’s something great about writing for ten minutes completely off the top of one’s head. There’s no time for thinking, no time for self-editing, just putting pen to paper or fingers to keys. Just write what you’re thinking as you’re thinking it. Like the title says, a little off the top. It’s kind of a …

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My Fiction

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About chrisjaybecker.com

What This Website Is About This is the Official Website and Blog of Writer, Comedian, and Content Creator Chris Jay Becker. But we would this site to be a resource for other writers through CJB’s “A Writer’s Life” Blog, and through the Writers’ Resources links . We hope that fellow writers, editors, and readers will …

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1 Surefire Hack to Beat Writer’s Block

WRITER’S BLOCK One of the questions that one hears in Writers’ Groups, especially online, is, “How do you beat Writer’s Block?” The simple answer? Write. I know, I know, easier said than done. How do you write when you’re blocked? you say. It’s the same thing you do to “Write your way outta the Trailer …

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My New Plan

MY NEWEST SCHEME Today, May 1st, 2022, just happens to be my birthday. BUT… it’s not because of another birthday that I’m setting this new goal, a goal that would normally be a New Year’s Resolution, it just happens to be 5 months too late for that, but at least it’s the 1st of the …

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What’s In A Name?

CHRIS J. BECKER? I’m Christopher J. Becker, but you can just call me Chris. My pen name/stage name is Chris Jay Becker. I never go by Christopher… too stuffy and prissy, IMHO, and there are far too many guys, and girls, named Chris Becker in this world, so a middle name or initial was necessary. …

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A Writer’s Manifesto

My promise to the Reader: 1. I promise to be clear, honest, and concise.2. I will write with a sense of humor, even the piece is frightening, scary, or strident. On second thought, I’ll throw in some jokes then, too.3. I will write with a sense of awe, a sense of wonder, and sense of …

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How to Write Drunk and Edit Sober

THE GREATEST WRITING MAXIM THAT HEMINGWAY NEVER SAID “Write drunk, edit sober,” it’s an often-quoted bit of advice generally attributed to Ernest Hemingway. This pithy quote is all over the internet. You can buy Write Drunk Edit Sober posters, Write Drunk Edit Sober coffee mugs, and Write Drunk Edit Sober t-shirts, often accompanied by a …

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