Sales Letter: Basketball Yoga Blast


Dear Health and Fitness Enthusiast,

Want to get in the best shape of your life while having fun with basketball? Introducing Basketball Yoga Blast, the revolutionary new fitness program that blends basketball drills with yoga for an incredibly effective and enjoyable workout you can do at home.

Created by NBA superstar LeBron James and yoga guru Rodney Yee, Basketball Yoga Blast is the unique fitness system that gives you all the benefits of a pro basketball workout combined with the strength, flexibility, and mindfulness of yoga. In just 30 minutes a day you’ll burn fat, build lean muscle, increase endurance, and relieve stress.

The secret is in the smart combination of playing basketball and doing yoga. Basketball drills like dribbling, shooting, and defensive slides will get your heart pumping and burn major calories, while yoga is known to enhance flexibility, balance, and mental focus. The blend provides the ultimate experience for mind, body, and spirit!

Here’s what you’ll get with Basketball Yoga Blast:

•              6 DVDs with 3 levels of workouts – from beginner to pro

•              Printed guide on how to maximize the program.

•              Pro tips on technique from LeBron and Rodney

•              A top-quality Spalding basketball

•              Thick high-end yoga mat

•              Mesh carry bag for easy transport.

The entire system is valued at $179 but is available to you today for the low introductory price of $85. And we stand behind the results with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Just listen to what current customers are saying:

“As a basketball coach, I’ve seen amazing fitness results with my players using Basketball Yoga Blast. It’s the perfect combo workout to get slim, toned, and improve your game.”

•              Coach Mike Brown

“As a busy single dad, I need to keep my energy up. Basketball Yoga Blast gives me an efficient but fun daily workout so I can keep up with my kids.”

•              Tom Y., Syracuse, NY

“My husband and I look forward to our evening Basketball Yoga Blast workouts. It’s strengthening our bodies and our marriage!”

•              Hannah W., Los Angeles, CA

Now it’s your turn to experience the Basketball Yoga Blast difference. Order today and we’ll rush you the complete 6-DVD set, guide, premium basketball, yoga mat, and mesh bag. Get started sculpting a lean yoga-baller body and elevating your game right in your own home!

Pick up the phone and call 1-800-555-BLAST

or visit: to order now.

This special introductory price, just $85, is being offered until March 15th.  

After that, the price will double to its original list price of $179.

And, if you order during this half-off promotion, you’ll also receive a special bonus: a bonus DVD: Zen and the Art of Basketball by NBA Legend Kareem Adul-Jabbar.

So order now.

Get lean and mean with Basketball Yoga Blast!


C. Jay Becker

HealthTech Solutions, LLC

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