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A Writer’s Manifesto

My promise to the Reader: 1. I promise to be clear, honest, and concise.2. I will write with a sense of humor, even the piece is frightening, scary, or strident. On second thought, I’ll throw in some jokes then, too.3. I will write with a sense of awe, a sense of wonder, and sense of …

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Copywriting Sample: Restaurant Sales Letter

It’s Time for an adventure: enjoy great Cuban food and drink with me this Friday night at Iowa’s only Cuban restaurant, THE LOST CUBAN Dear Laura, You and I have often discussed the fact that we’re each bored with the dozen Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and other restaurants in the area, and I’d heard of the …

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5 Old-School Sales Tricks that Still Work

Originally published on Medium.Com, Jun 1, 2016 Times have changed. But then, that has always been true. It’s like the old adage (are there actually NEW adages?) about the weather: If you don’t like the weather… wait a minute. In other words, change is inevitable. And yet, there is nothing new under the sun, as King Solomon …

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