Are You a Grammar Ninja?

Recasting the old Grammar Nazi designation:

I was in a work-based Chat at my day job. A few of us were complaining about common internet and chat grammar blunders that made our heads spin. When I referred to myself as a Grammar Nazi, I got yelled at.

Fine. Let’s say Ninja instead.

I’m a Grammar Ninja. That’s a positive, right?

Who doesn’t wanna be a Ninja? So….

Here’s my Grammar Ninja’s Ten Most Irritating List:

  1. People who use the wrong Your/You’re homonym. “Your welcome,” or “Your an idiot.” Argh.
  2. People who use the wrong Too/To/Two homonym. “It’s to hot in here.”
  3. People who pluralize words with an apostrophe. “I just love apple’s.” OOF.
  4. People who say, “Irregardless.” Stop. Please just stop.
  5. People who say Are when they mean Our. “That’s how we do it at ARE house.” I don’t even pronounce them the same.
  6. People who get Lose/Loose mixed up. “I need to loose five pounds.”
  7. People who use the wrong They’re/There/Their homonym.”Their coming to my house.”
  8. People who use the wrong Then/Than homonym. “I need more then 10 Bucks for that.”
  9. People who correct me for using “Me” instead of “I” properly. Me: “They told my wife and me to wait here.” Them:”It’s ‘My wife and I.'” Me: “No. It’s not.”
  10. People who pluralize words with an Apostrophe. Yeah, I know it was # 3. But it irritates me enough to list it twice.

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