Sales Letter: Budget Brainiacs


Dear Concerned Parent,

Is your tween or teen totally clueless when it comes to money? Do you worry what will happen when they’re out on their own someday with no idea how to manage finances?

You’re not alone. Most schools don’t teach kids the basics of budgeting, balancing a checkbook, avoiding debt, and establishing savings. Yet mastering money skills early on is crucial to their future financial success and security.

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about Budget Brainiacs. It’s a fun interactive online club created just for families with kids ages 10 and up. And it’s designed to get them engaged and learning proper money management in a way they’ll actually enjoy.

Here’s how it works…

  • Your child gets their own secure login to the Budget Brainiacs website. There they can access:
  • Entertaining videos and games that teach banking, budgeting, saving, investing, and more
  • Quizzes to earn points for each money concept mastered
  • A club store where points are redeemed for cool prizes like headphones and gift cards

It’s a brilliant system that incentivizes financial literacy. Kids log in voluntarily to play the games, ace the quizzes, and earn the rewards. All while gaining real-world money skills.

Over 50,000 families have already joined Budget Brainiacs, with rave reviews:

“My teenager now checks her bank balance before spending. And she opened her first savings account herself thanks to what she learned.” – Amy F., Denver, CO

“It’s been a relief handing money lessons over to the pros at Budget Brainiacs. My kids are learning so much in a way that keeps them engaged.” – Kevin S., Orlando, FL

“Budget Brainiacs gave my middle schooler a major head start on personal finance. Now I’m confident sending her off to college next year.” – Susan R., Seattle, WA

Give your kids that same preparation and confidence with a Budget Brainiacs membership.

  • For just $29 a month, you get full access to the entire program for each child. Plus 50 bonus points to start – a $15 value!

Don’t leave your child’s financial future to chance. Enroll with Budget Brainiacs today and equip them with money skills that will serve them for life.


C. Jay Becker

Budget Brainiacs

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